IMSA Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta

IMSA’s season finals were as usual at the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta. For years one of my favorite tracks and I always did well over there. Because I did several races in Europe it was my only race in the IMSA series with the mixed classes of MPC and LMP3 cars. We had more cars on the start that I expected (28) and surprisingly, it was relatively easy to navigate traffic between the larger LMP3 cars and the smaller Lites. In race 1, I managed to get 3rd place in Masters which was a huge surprise to me since I haven’t driven in that series all year long and in race two, I was unfortunately pushed off track in lap 1 after turn 1. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was a sitting duck. Overall still very happy that I did the race this year.

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