Road America with Indy Series 2019

Road America – best track in America. This round was a support race to the popular Indy racing series. The weather was (mostly) great and a huge crowd showed up for the race. We had 3 races scheduled for the weekend. Road America is an old school track with a fantastic flow and some very high-speed turns like the Carousel and the Kink. It’s amazing how fast you can go around there with a Radical. We also had a huge turnout in our series with 39 (!!) cars on the grid. To my surprise all starts went well and no mayhems in turn 1. My best finish was 4th place and I just missed the podium, but the highlight was definitely race 3 with constantly changing weather conditions of rain and dry. Finished that race in P7 with 5 tire changes. A new record!

The legendary Mario Andretti stopped by in our pits. How great is that!