Round 3 of the Lites Prototype Series at MoSport, Canada

Just 4 days after our 3 races in Watkins Glen we were heading north to the other legendary former Formula One track, MoSport in Canada. A short, very fast and “ballsy” track with the infamous Turn 2. We were again part of the support program for the WeatherTec series.

I felt the track was somehow sketchy throughout the entire weekend with changing weather conditions and different series putting down all kind of rubber compounds. Hence, lap times were not the same as last year. It didn’t help either that a mechanical problem on the car put me into the wall during free practice. But thanks for good mechanics that fix everything in no time 😉

Race 1 was a bit lucky since I started unusually far in the back and had to work my way up. I had a bit of luck when my primary title contender had issues in the last lap and couldn’t finish the race. Well, happened to me in the past, too. That’s racing. Finished a surprising P3 in the Masters Class. Race 2 was equally challenging after a great start I was punted in the rear in the first lap and spun. Took all the remaining 45min to catch up with the field and pass cars. Ran out of time but still finished 4th in Masters Class and still lead the championship.




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